Western Postform


Here at Western Postform, we are focused on sustaining our business and providing jobs in the local area. With the development of our new state of the art manufacturing facility we were conscious to reduce our energy consumption and our overall carbon footprint. Western Postform’s new building has achieved a Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) of A3.


PIR detection sensor and LED lights were installed throughout the factory. The PIR, detects and responds to movement and natural light level changes. With a lifetime of 100,000 hours and a 90% power supply efficiency this LED lighting system reduces the amount of energy required to light our factory.

Heating / Waste Management

We have installed a biomass burner which consumes 66% of our waste material. We are currently in the process of increasing this by looking at ways of recycling our other wastes. Our biomass burner heats our factory floor and reduces our usage of land fill and eliminates the need for carbon-based oil or gas-based heating systems.

Alongside the biomass burner our extraction and air filtration system are built to avoid a negative pressure. This stops the entry of cold air from the outside and cooling the working environment. It also filters the air leaving our factory removing any micro pollution and replaces the cold air coming in with hot air.

Fuel Consumption

In Western Postform we regularly upgrade our company vehicles to stay up to date with the latest fuel consumption’s systems to reduce our overall carbon emissions.

Renewable Materials.

At Western Postform we use all certified material FSC Timber, this is to ensure we can stand over the materials that are being provided from renewable forests.

Lean Process

We have started the implementation of a new Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) system within Western Postform. This will allow us to monitor our inventory and plan our purchasing. A built in just in time purchasing system will allow us to reduce the need for holding unnecessary stock but will also allow us to purchase stock just as we require them.