Western Postform’s new factory

Well, what a journey! Western Postform’s new factory is now complete and ready for production.

A big thanks to so many people who have helped to make all this happen, John & Diarmuid- O Neill O Malley Architects, Enda, Brendan & Richard – Tobins, Joe, Keith – Varmings, Michael, Brian, Caroline and Stephen the site manager -Fitzgibbons Contractors who kept the show on the road.
To all the sub-contractors who worked so hard to make it all happen too many to mention. To our own wonderful staff @Western Postform for all their support.

My own family Olivia Saoirse Simon & Madison I’m grateful for your support & I’m especially proud to be taking WPF further & stronger from when my father started the company in 1980.

And last a thanks must go to all our wonderful Contractors who have helped us grow throughout the years and we all here are looking forward to working with you in the future. #factory #architects #designandbuild #oneillomalley #tobins #varmings